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David Condon Woodcraft Blog Tralee: Exploring Woodturning Topics in Ireland

I hadn't written anything for years so when I was originally encouraged to start Blogging as a Business Tool I wasn't too fond of the idea. After thinking back on the drivel I wrote in school I was wondering why would I inflict my opinions  or practices on the general public.  The first few Blogs Posts I wrote were in fact relevant to my business and I lost interest quickly. In 2023 I had a change of heart and decided to put in a bit more of an effort to write about Woodturning Topics & other subject matter and use these as an extra tool for my students to refer to after attending my Woodturning Tuition Classes. There will be also be Posts related to the environment, responsible tree management, sustainable forestry, my business, Ireland in general and more! Fingers crossed that I will keep it going. You may also find some completely unrelated stuff from time to time.  Please add a comment if you would like to contribute to any of the posts or add a guest Blog Post.  I know lots of people are reading and probably feel a little self conscious being the first to comment on individual Posts.  Don't worry, I'm already self conscious having written the Blog Posts. You are in good company!

I was working on my website recently, I had been wondering why I never get comments on my Blog Posts and I discovered why. Comments were visible but disabled for most readers. I have now changed the settings to allow everyone to comment. If my Blog posts are helpful or enjoyable to read, please let me know.

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