Christmas Gift Ideas,  Irish made Woodcraft from Tralee

Are you looking for really special Christmas gift ideas this year? Is affordability and craftsmanship important to you? Look no further than my handmade Hanging Ornaments

Each one is individually cut from an Irish hardwood tree, dried over many months and then finished to a silky smooth touch.  So many designs to choose from and what I think really makes them special is their direct connection to Irish soil. 


Irish made Woodcraft, proudly made in Tralee Co Kerry!

New range of Irish Hardwood Hanging Ornaments

Oh yes, that time of year that everyone dreads talking about too early and then can't stop talking about it when it's close.  Now that everyone is waking up to the dangers and damage that plastic is causing to our world why not invest in a natural product like a wood ornament?  There was a time when trees were decorated in only wood and natural textiles so why not add a touch of nostalgia to your tree this year?

Why not check out some of my Christmas Tree Ornaments which are currently my biggest seller?

It can be very difficult to pick up something unique every year so why not go handmade this year?  I have shown you some of the Hanging Ornaments  

I also have a mixed selection of Christmas Gift Boxes which may interest you?

Christmas Handcrafted Gift Set

Bottlestoppers are a big seller around Christmas time as well as during the year. My new range of Stainless Steel Bottlestoppers is now out and make an excellent and affordable gift idea with a link to Ireland.

These are definitely my best versions yet, available now.

Don't forget that I still make the 'Au Naturale' versions for all the real wood lovers out there. I am currently out of stock after the Christmas rush but you can still pick them up in the Christmas Gift Boxes page

Handcrafted Elm Hanging Ornament.jpg
Christmas handcrafted hardwood gift set

My 2021 range of Christmas Gift Boxes are still being listed.  For the first time, any unsold boxes are not being broken down for resale and are being left for early bird and smart shoppers

I added a new type Gift Set in December 2021 and it was the first one to be sold. This set included a Ring Holder and Bottlestopper from existing designs and one of my new Ring Holder Dishes.  The wood was gorgeous in this set. I can make more to order if you wish, just contact me with your request.  Some new Ring Holder Dishes can be found on on my Household page

Killorglin Hardwood Christmas Gift Set