Irish Sycamore Ring Holder.jpg

 Confirmation Gifts in Tralee, Traditional Gift ideas

Giving money in a card as a Confirmation Gift is as old as I can remember. In these fast changing times it can be good to look back to simpler, more traditional times and gift something with a bit more meaning. You can still give money too if you'd like!  A handcrafted Traditional Ring Holder made from Irish Hardwood is an inexpensive gift with real meaning and connection to Ireland.

These products are my own unique designs. 

The piece pictured here is Coloured Sycamore and the tree it came from grew in Tralee town.  Check the full range here

I have many variations of these Traditional Ring Holders that are ready for sale but not listed on my website.


If you would like to see them in person an appointment can be arranged or if you would like a piece specially made for you please Contact me.


I also sell these through the Shop in Ireland website, if you would like to check it out.