Turning between centres

Corporate Gifts, Team Building Gifts, Office Activities

When you are looking for a Team Building Activity for your staff, for a gift or team building/bonding exercise why not choose one of my Woodturning Experiences or Tuition Classes. Check out my Woodturning Tuition page for examples. I can modify sessions to suit your needs and give you a price. These are best run when the full 4 spaces are taken. It is possible to add a 5th person on a smaller lathe which can be set up for your group.

So What is it then?

Woodturning is a unique and challenging activity. From my experience teaching the craft I have come to the realization that most people do not understand how tough it is and how skilled you need to be to do it.  As challenging as it is, it is extremely addictive especially when you start to make progress and develop your skills.  So many people who pass through my doors have been pleasantly surprised at what their Class or Experience turned out to be. Some even come back for more, the braver ones :) Check out my Woodturning Tuition page and read all about it, then book one of my classes and see for yourself!

Turning a Spinning Top in a 4 Jaw Chuck
Turning a finial shape for a Hanging Ornament

Is it really that hard?

It may look easy when you see a video online but the reality is quite different.  Concentration and co-ordination are very important as well as commitment.  Do these traits sound familiar? Maybe Office qualities you are familiar with?

I don't mean to discourage people but I like to inform people so they are not disappointed after their session/class.

Woodturning is not impossible, it's just a new skill you have to learn. It's not easy trying it in a short space of time but it is definitely great fun finding out if you have it in you!

Try the Experience instead

Why not try one of my Experience Tours where you get to work on your own and then on a piece with my help? You can find them on The Woodturning Tuition page.

You take away 2 finished pieces after 3 hours hopefully making a few great memories along the way.  Since starting these Experiences the reaction has been very positive

Adding colour to a Hanging Ornament finial