Irish Handcrafted Functional gifts


People often choose non functional gifts that are used briefly by the recipient and then left in drawer somewhere in their house.  The initial buzz from getting a gift is completely forgotten.

Why not choose a gift that someone will actually use all the time?

Check out my new range of Soap Holders.  Brilliantly simple!

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Bowls are beautiful, eye-catching and extremely useful.

They remain a huge seller for me even though I don't make huge quantities every year.

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Regardless of your opinion of wine bottles, empty or otherwise; these Bottlestoppers are made from genuine Irish Hardwood and make a very affordable, classy and functional gift. 


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My Traditional Ring Holders tick all the boxes, artistic, Aesthetically pleasing, beautiful, colourful and very functional in their use.  And yes, ladies do take their rings off from time to time.

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