Corporate Gift Ideas for Clients, Staff and Reward Schemes

Bottlestoppers, handcrafted Irish Hardwood

When you need a Gift Idea to woo that special existing or prospective client why not choose an Irish made product?

For the staff member who went above and beyond and should be rewarded? A locally made piece can add that extra 'specialness' to when presenting a gift, prize or reward for service.

I have many items in my online shop that will suit your taste and budget. From Bottlestoppers to Bowls, Christmas Hanging Ornaments to Ring Holders & Soap Holders to Serving Boards.

All high end Products proudly made in Tralee Co.Kerry Ireland.

Many more products available off the website, you can make an appointment to view.

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Bottle Openers with Irish Hardwood tops

A bowl is a real high end gift which will leave a lasting impression in the right hands. A hardwood bowl is a lifetime piece which can even become a generational hand-me-down if looked after properly. Forget plastic gifts, buy wood!

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How about booking Woodturning Tuition as a Corporate Gift?  Gift Vouchers are available for this purpose.  'Experience memories' are the gift that keeps on giving. Not often in life do we leave our comfort zones and try something new, Woodturning could be that something new for Clients, Staff or even you the business owner.

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