Irish handcrafted Engagement gifts, getting engaged in Kerry?

Are you looking for a really special Engagement gift? A ring is very well suited in a box for the proposal but what about afterwards?

My Traditional Ring Holders are elegantly designed to be pleasing to look at but also become functional anytime your precious rings are taken off. 

Irish Sycamore Ring Holder.jpg
Olive Ash Ring Holder.jpg

 Large Irish Olive Ash Ring Holders, only a few of this rare wood type available and my stock is running low.

In case you are wondering about never taking rings off,

they do come off at some stage and they do get lost!

How about one of these new Triple Coloured Ash Ring Holders as a gift idea. 


They look absolutely stunning with a beautiful contrast between natural wood grain and coloured/embellished grain.


What I think really makes these ring holders really special is their connection to Irish soil. 


Each piece is individually turned to give some lovely variations.  Truly Handmade! Check out the Ring Holder page