One of the most common remarks I get when I sell these Bottlestoppers in person is "We normally finish the bottle or I don't see the point in corking wine bottles". To those people I always say, "what about the chef or the person in your house who loves to cook?"  These Bottlestoppers can be used on any bottle like Olive Oil, Cooking Sherry etc.

Regardless of your opinion of wine bottles, empty or otherwise; these Bottlestoppers are made from genuine Irish Hardwood and make a very affordable, classy gift.  Check out my shop stock here

Irish Handcrafted Housewarming gifts

It can be very difficult to buy a housewarming gift.  What do you buy that will be useful, made in Ireland, beautiful and long lasting?  Alcohol would be a common gift but it's only rented, never owned or cherished.

One of my Bottlestoppers like the ones here would be absolutely perfect.  You could still give a gift of a bottle too which would compliment this gift perfectly.