Get something special for Mom on Mother's Day? How about an Irish made gift?

Don't forget Mom!  Maybe she would appreciate a wooden piece made from her hometown, place where she got married, first child born location etc.  Locations can have very special memories and emotional connections and a piece made from one of these areas could get you raised up to favourite child status.

If you can't find a piece from the area you are looking for why not send me a message, I might have wood in my store that would suit. I remember where 90% of my wood stock comes from.

Check out the Ring Holders page

Does Mom like to read?  Check out these Handcrafted Bookmarks made from Irish Ash and Beech. A very simple but effective item for those who love to lose themselves in a book. The Bookmarks are sanded and finished to a lovely smooth yet tactile feel.  These make an inexpensive gift!


Have a look at my current Bookmark range or visit my Shop in Ireland store for more options.  There may be more gift ideas for you in my Household page if you are still stuck.

Irish Hardwood Bookmarks.jpg
Red Satin Ribbon.jpg

Is your Mom into Craft making, sewing or need Satin Ribbon?  I have a large selection of High Quality Italian Options Satin Ribbon for sale. As an authorised distributor I can also backorder any reels you need.

These are the same Ribbons I use for my own products and it took a while before I found them having tried cheaper versions which I found to be substandard.

I also have a good quantity of Craft Ribbon on my website and can backorder more products if I don't have what you are looking for. I am currently expanding my range with each new order so get in touch if you need something.  

I have a new page called Craft Ribbon and more which has more Craft related products like Ribbon, Organza Bags, Hessian Bags and Bows.

There is also a lovely Christmas Ribbon page if you want to think ahead!

country hessian wired edge ribbon.jpg