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Irish made gifts from Kerry

Why would you need an Irish Handcrafted product as a gift for St.Patrick's Day?  Because gifts happen all year round and due to the Day involved someone may appreciate something really Irish! I have loads of Handcrafted products that may suit your needs. Below are just a few ideas for you. Buying distinctly Irish made goods is so important these days so even if you only purchase a small item you are still supporting the local Irish economy. 

Check out these Beer Bottle Openers in my Household page, they make a handy gift idea that won't break the bank!

Bookmarks made from Hardwood?

How about a gift for the bookworm?  Check out these Handcrafted Bookmarks made from Irish Ash and Beech. A very simple but effective item for those who love to lose themselves in a book. The Bookmarks are sanded and finished to a lovely smooth yet tactile feel.  The Ash ones are particularly beautiful but I am biased, Ash Wood is a favourite of mine.

Have a look at my current Bookmark range here on this website or visit my Shop in Ireland store for more options. 

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Flat Egg Cups Anyone?

How about some unique Flat Egg Cup holders that I started making towards the end of 2021?  These are finished flat but are turned on both sides.  The beauty of my design is the underside is also turned so that these can be used for displaying round objects when not being used for eggs. Most people who make Flat Egg Cups just drill straight through but my design is unique to me and far more universally useful in my opinion. Check out my Household page to see them, they don't have their own individual page yet. I also stock them in my new Shop in Ireland store, the link here brings you there directly. Don't forget to come back here though!

Something for a Wine Lover perhaps

I have many varieties of Bottlestoppers here, all made from Irish Hardwood sitting on High Grade US Stainless steel stoppers.

They make a lovely gift item for those who like a little tipple.  For those who like to open and finish a bottle you can still have a beautiful Irish made product on display next to your wine collection!

A Bottlestopper can be a great gift for a Chef who uses a variety of bottles for cooking at any time.

Check out my Household page to see them and view some other products, I also stock them in my Shop in Ireland store

Beech Bottlestopper
Something for the More Active?

Would you like to give the gift of experience? I offer tuition classes to beginners and Woodturning Experiences for those that only want to try it out and have a bit of fun. A simple gift idea that you can take part in yourself perhaps? I offer a large range of possibilities that you can book and even Gift Vouchers that you can buy as gifts at any time during the year.  You won't be stuck for gift ideas at all on this website but if you are having trouble please Contact me with your questions and I will happily reply when I can.