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Buying Satin Ribbon Bows in Ireland

For anyone finding this blog post out of the blue while looking to buy Satin Ribbon Bows, it's not an accident, I do in fact have many varieties of Bows for sale. I sell the full range of Italian Options Satin Bows in 3cm and 5cm and I have access to their full catalogue if needs be. If you read on you might be interested in why it came to be and what I have to offer.

Insider Knowledge; I have owned and operated my own craft business for about 8 years at the time of writing. My business started with a definite model but has meandered and side-stepped and changed throughout all that time. Why? The market conditions have moved constantly and I have had to move with it or face closure. My original business model was supposed to be 20% Woodcraft and 80% online retail but I had such a good time learning the Woodcraft side of things that I almost gave up on the retail part. Woodcraft ended up near 90% of my business but I am steadily going back to my original business plan. 2 years of Covid restrictions followed by a year of high inflation and price rises has set new challenges for my small business and each week seems to present new difficulties. I struggle on with resolve!

My Craft Supplies Business

I started making Woodturned Hanging Ornaments in 2016 which required the use of Satin Ribbon to hang the Ornaments. I messed around with a few brands until I discovered Italian Options and I was so impressed with their ribbon quality over others that I eventually applied for an account with them. From then onward, I have been slowly building my inventory and expanding my range. It takes time when you are on your own and everything has to be done manually. With each new product launch I gain new customers. I find that some of my customers like to deal with me because like them, I am also in a Craft business.

3cm Satin Ribbon Bows

Once I had the full range of 3mm Satin ribbon, I decided to branch out and buy some 3cm bows too. I initially split the early purchases into packs of 10 to make it more affordable but I have in recent times added full sealed packs of 100 pieces. These 3cm Bows are not self adhesive and require sticky foam pads which I also sell. You can also glue the on yourself depending on your needs. Manufactured using 6mm ribbon. Each bow measures approximately 3cm wide with a 2cm tail length. They can liven up a simple 3mm or 6mm Ribbon or add a fun detail to Card Making projects. I have the full range of over 40 colours in stock at very affordable prices and they can be found here

5cm Satin Ribbon Bows

Over time I started adding 5cm Bows to my website. The 5cm Satin Ribbon Bows add a more elegant touch to Craft Projects, Party or Wedding Favours or Gift Packaging. After a while I realized that I would have to carry the full range of colours if I was going to get anywhere with existing customers, new customers and Google. The 5cm Bows are much fancier than the smaller 3cm ones Bows and are made from 16 mm double sided satin ribbon produced to OEKO-TEX Standard 100 specification. They are also self adhesive and I'm told the adhesive is very good once stuck properly on something. I now have the full range of over 40 colours in stock at very affordable prices and they can be found here

Christmas Tartan Bows

Not happy just carrying small Satin Bows I expanded the range a few years ago to include Tartan Bows for Christmas or Scottish Themes. Growing up, we always had Tartan around my Grandparent's house so I guess it left an impression on me. Tartan is a busy & warm material look and perfect for Christmas time. I have the full range of Tartan Bows now and I am building up quantities with each sale I make. Everything I have in stock is at very affordable prices and they can be found here

Christmas Satin Bows

During 2022 I noticed a new range of Bows appear on the Italian Options range. Christmas Satin Bows in 5cm and 10cm sizes. I new they were going to be popular so I added them as soon as I could. Take a look at the pictures below and you will see what I mean. Very affordable Bows, instantly changing the look of your Project, Gift or Favour they can be found here

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New Types of Bows

At the start of 2023 I am starting to add more types of Bows to my website. 5cm Grosgrain Bows and 10cm Satin Ribbon Bows are the newest additions. I have brought in 5 colours of each type for now and will take requests for backorders as they come in. It may be the case like before, where I will have to buy at least one of each colour for each range to see if it is worthwhile building the whole collection. Buying unknown is quite expensive especially with Brexit related charges. They can be found here