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Christmas Stickers for Card Making or Gift Wrapping

Updated: Aug 12, 2023

Now you can spruce up your craft and gift wrapping projects with a festive touch—3D and 2D Christmas stickers! Get ready for the holiday season with a large collection of Christmas stickers now on sale online in Ireland. Create beautiful decorations, personalized gifts, or unique cards to wish your loved ones a happy Christmas.

Christmas Stickers are a surprisingly good way of embellishing gifts, changing the look of a Handmade Card and even make great Stocking Filler Gifts for small children that don't cost too much at all. Since bringing these into my website I have used them myself to bulk up gifts. Costing under €4 in most cases these are fantastic value. Let me take you through a few of the various types.

The Santa Clauses

These 3D Santa Clause sticker versions speak for themselves really. What says Christmas more than an image of old saint Nick himself. From traditional Santa Claus to the Nordic Santa. Each of these sticker packs contain a different quantity of stickers. Check out the Christmas Stickers page here

The Gifts

Perfect 3D stickers for adding representations of gifts to handmade cards. There really is no way to describe what you can do with these stickers, the possibilities are limited only to your imagination. Check out the Christmas Stickers page here

The Snowmen, Polar Bears and Penguins

These 3D Christmas stickers are great fun and instantly recognizable to everyone. Perfect for adding Christmas Festive Cheer! What will you make out of them? Check out the Christmas Stickers page here

And there's More!

To suit every embellishing need you might have, the rest of the 3D Christmas Sticker range. Check out the Christmas Stickers page here

Finally, 1D Christmas Stickers

When you require a little simpler, 1 Dimensional design; these sticker packs will easily fit your needs. Check out the Christmas Stickers page here


Don't let yourself be stuck at Christmas time. Order some of these very affordable Christmas Sticker sets and be prepared for any Festive Craft Project or have some great small gifts for kids. Check out the Christmas Stickers page here

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