Attention Irish Crafters!


1 Pack of 10 pieces, individually Handcrafted Toggles in Ash


Single concave.


12mm Diameter

40mm Length

2 x 6mm holes with 5mm inbetween


VAT invoice available for Craft businesses.


These 10 together weigh about 26g so can easily ship free if you are buying something else. As long as the overall weight of your purchases doesn't jump postage tarrifs.


I made a large batch for a local crafter recently and I thought I'd give an opportunity to everyone else to purchase a local Irish made product. If you make any kind of clothing accessory that requires a toggle then these are perfect for you. These pieces for this listing has been made already, if you would like to order more please make contact with me.  They will be made to order.


Each piece was made and finished by hand and then coated in Food & Toy Safe Danish Oil. You are paying for me to manually make each one, they are not mass produced which is the reason for them being more expensive.  Ash is also more expensive to buy these days which also pushes up the price.



Ash Toggle Buttons Batch3

SKU: Batch 3
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    Tralee, Co. Kerry, Ireland