Eco Friendly, no harmfull glues, much better for the environment!


Ideal for starting fires. They burn with a flame for about 15 minutes or so and then they glow, giving off heat until they are gone.


Benefits include:


  • Repurposing a waste product
  • Waste doesn't go to landfill
  • Concentrated heat due to compression (much better than kindling)
  • Slower burning with no sparks or spatters
  • Smokeless
  • Higher efficiency
  • 1% Ash to clean afterwards
  • Light bag size for easy lifting
  • Affordable


Material varies in density so you get 3kg plus a little extra. 


It has taken me time to figure out the best bag size, weight & price and I believe I have the balance right now. It takes time to make these so I have to charge the small fee of €4 for each bag.  Unfortunately I can't do discounts like I used to do for the firewood I was selling because of the cost of processing each bag.


I have invested in a Sawdust Briquette machine to make best possible use of the by-product of my business.  These briquettes are better for the environment because they don't go to landfill to decompose and create methane gas.  They burn cleaner down to 1% ash meaning less mess for you to clean and they give out great heat for their size. 


See picture for size and tape measure for comparison. Sizes range from 1 inch up to 3 inches long x 2.1 inches diameter or  25mm to 60mm long x 56mm diameter so you don't have to break them like other Briquette products before inserting them into the fire.


Free delivery included around Tralee if you buy 5 or more bags or you can collect from me yourself.


I try and use as much wood as I can for my pieces but there is always a little waste wood left over and I'm now delighted to be able to do something useful out of it. 


I don't keep continuous stock so act fast. Order through the site and you can pay me in person.  

Eco-Friendly Hardwood Sawdust Briquettes 1x 3KG+ Bag

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    Tralee, Co. Kerry, Ireland