Disclaimer:  This beautiful bowl suffered a few drought cracks during the drying process which I have repaired using glue on the minor cracks and a bowtie with thermal paste and glue on a major crack.  The cracks are not visible from the distance and some people will haver to look closely to spot them. I have tried to photograph specific cracks to show how disguised they are.


It has a food safe finish but I am listing it as decorative because washing the bowl long term could possibly negatively affect the bowl. Water could possibly cause the wood to move and the cracks to open.  It may be used for dry food like fruit but again washing it could cause problems.  


On the other hand, this bowl would be a spectacular centrepiece for your home or office.  A bowl that some other Woodturners would discard has been saved by my efforts.  The Spalting zones and patterns on this bowl are amazing.  The twin of this bowl was sold last year along with the cored bowls so this is all that remains of this particular log.


Who Should Buy This?

If you are a conservationalist like myself and see value in pieces like this. If often hear stories from people about cracked bowls in shops that sell for twice what I'm asking for this piece.  Beauty is in the eye of the beholder so buy it if you want and leave it if you don't.


I got this Beech Wood from Killruddery House in Bray Co.Wicklow.  The tree was probably 150 to 300 years old and came down on it's own like a lot of Beech trees when they reach that age.


Finish sanded to a highly smooth touch.  For food convenience, it is coated with Hampshire Sheen Food-Safe Danish Oil and burnished to a low lustre shine using very fine wool. See After Care page for details. Please take note of the disclaimer above before using it for food.


Because of the durable finish, this bowl can be used for display long term. Please note that washing the bowl will change or diminish the shine on the surface.  Please take note of the disclaimer above before using it for food.


Approx Dimensions

377mm x 127mm or 14 7/8 x 5 inches


Unboxed weight 1390 grams

Decorative Spalted Beech Bowl

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    Tralee, Co. Kerry, Ireland