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It is a Winter Special Offer only.


Adding colour to your turned pieces will really up your woodturning game to a whole new level.


Key Points of Note;

– New 125ml bottle size;
– Ideal gift for Christmas;
– Unique shades of water based colours;
– Perfect upgrade size for the woodturner who colours occasionally without having to buy individual bottles;
– Better value for money than the 15ml Sample Set;
– Limited availability. Only available October – December.


Twelve shades of water based colours developed and mixed by Martin Saban-Smith available here in 125ml bottles. Previously available in 150ml bottles but due to the difficulty in sourcing 150ml bottles 125ml bottles are now used in this set. See below for colour information.



Black: In several coats you can build up a deep, pure black shade, Burnt Orange: A dark orange, on the orangey side of brown, Earth: A warm brown, the colour of drying mud. Sounds bad, but makes a great undercoat or accent colour, Flame: A bright yellow-orange. Add luxurious fire by blending with Burnt Orange and Ruby, Forest Green: Rich green, quite dark, a lot like Jade. A great accent colour and blends well with Straw and Honey, Honey: A glorious yellow. Superb as a bold single colour or a ‘wash’ overcoat, Midnight Blue: Deep blue with hint of purple. Add to quilted figure and catch the purple glint as you turn the piece, Plum: Sumptuous Purple. Looks quite Royal, lending an air of expense to your work, Ruby: Darkish red, Ruby adds a deep and opulent shade which blends superbly with Burnt Orange, Sky Blue: A fairly bright blue – like a clear summer day. Mixes magnificently with Midnight Blue. Formally known as Stone Blue, Pear Green: A rich yellowy-green. Almost grasslike, one of the brightest colours and mixes well with Stone Blue to create a luxury green. Formally known as Straw, White: A pure white dye perfect for white-washing your work or turning the rest of the colours into lighter, more pastel shades. Please note that this dye will not colour your workpiece white, it is not a paint and should be used as a wash.

Intrinsic Colour 125ml Box Set

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