This is a special offer only available to students who attend or have attended my classes and want to buy the right tools to get them started on the right path. This offer is not open to the general public.


There is currently no shipping on this set, it must be collected.


Set includes the 6 Spindle Tools below and includes a discount for attending one of my 3 hour sessions. This is my recommended starter set for spindle turning. 


  1. HCT101 3/4'' Standard Skew Chisel
  2. HCT064 3/4'' Roughing Gouge
  3. HCT092 3/16 Diamond Parting Tool
  4. HCT095 3/8 Beading & Parting Tool
  5. GL7 1/2'' Spindle Gouge
  6. HCT44GL 3/4'' Scraper Diamond Point Special 


  • Made from M2 Steel.
  • Handle - Beech.


Please note that these tools have a factory edge and need to be sharpened correctly before being used.


If you are collecting the set on the day of your 3 hour tuition session, I will sharpen the tools for you free of charge.


Why do I recommend these tools over another brand ready to go boxset with 7 or 8 chisels in them?

The ready made sets normally contain 3 tools that you will use all the time and the rest will have no use whatsoever as long as you are turning. In some cases they are a poor cousin of the tools you actually need. The 6 chisels I have chosen here are tools that you will use everytime you turn. I use the same tools as part of my production and they haven't let me down.  I have always recommended these tools to my students even before I became a Hamlet Tool re-seller. 


Buy cheap crap tools and you will waste your money and possibly put yourself in harms way.


Buy the right tools based on professional advice and you only buy once! 


Student Starter Set

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