This is the prototype of a new product I am launching. I have now re-photographed the piece.


Ever hurt your fingers and try and open a can? Difficult, wasn't it? With this simple device you can do it with ease. Great for those ladies who spend a fortune on long nails too.  It was designed with can ring pulls in mind but probably has other applications around the home too.


  • Ideal for opening can ring pulls with ease
  • Save your expensive Nails
  • Great for people in arm casts and limited mobility
  • Perfect for those with Arthritis
  • Help for those with Nerve Damaged fingers
  • They look great Topped with Irish Hardwood
  • Extremely useful functional gift
  • Made in Tralee Co.Kerry Ireland


No more broken fingernails!  This tab pull makes opening soup, soda Pop and tuna lids easier for arthritic hands or swollen fingers.   First lift the tab then the foot or flat bottom part slips inside the ring and you can pull it back to completely open the can.


Made from high grade Stainless Steel and topped with Irish Ash from Tralee Co.Kerry Ireland.


Approximate size, 6 inches long by 1.25 inches wide, perfect handle size. 86g


I will probably make these smaller in future, this piece was a proof of concept design.


Comments welcome on the design.



Tab Ring Pull with Irish Ash Top

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    Tralee, Co. Kerry, Ireland