Irish Handcrafted Retirement gifts

Marking someone's retirement can be difficult.  Many people opt for the store bought gift which has little meaning over the passage of time. 

All of my pieces were once rooted in Irish soil providing a deep connection with Ireland having once been part of it. Whether the gift is big or small that connection is still there.  My pieces have the added benefit of provenance.  I can tell you where each piece comes from, how the tree fell or was felled, how the wood came into my possession.

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Turning Greenwood between centres

People tend to be reflective at retirement age and look for deeper meaning in everything they do and everything they own.  Give someone the best gift possible, give them an Irish handcrafted product. 

Another idea would be to get them started on a challenging enjoyable hobby like Woodturning. Going from full time employment to retirement can be difficult so get them motivated once again with a new skill.


Woodturning Tuition here

I get many students around Retirement age who now have the time and will to try Woodturning.  It's great to see the spark appearing in their eyes as they try to master this difficult Craft.

I say difficult, which it is but it is not impossible.   Time, dedication and good equipment is what is needed for Woodturning long term and the effort is always worth it when you create your first piece to a high standard.  This was my own experience along the way, loads of failures and look at me now!

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