Student information for Tuition Classes

Before you book a class I need to know 2 things

  • Your height - My lathes are set on various heights so anyone around 6 foot tall will have no problems

  • Left Handed - Most people are right handed so your tuition will be slightly different to others

I could allow a younger (smaller) person to attend with a parent but they would have to use a platform.  I generally don't like platforms because they can lead to problems but if a parent is willing to accept the responsibility then it's OK with me.

How should you prepare for the class

  • Wear clothes that can get dusty and dirty

  • Wear flat soled closed top shoes, sandals and raised heels are not permitted for safety reasons

  • Check that you are not allergic to wood dust (you'd probably already know this

I have dust extractors but they don't remove all the dust from the air.

What I can provide you with

  • Face shield, safety glasses

  • Dust masks if you need them

  • You will be standing for the duration of the class, however I can get seats should you require them.

If you have any questions that I haven't covered, please feel free to message me.

Covid-19 Classes and Private Tuition Guidelines - draft

What to expect.

When you arrive there will be a wave instead of a handshake greeting.

I normally give a small tour before entering the workshop, we must try to keep 2 metre spacing at all times.

Hand Sanitizer will be available at the workshop door before you enter.

You will be reminded of the new safety protocols and by entering you accept responsibility for complying with guidelines

I have cloth masks which you can wear during the class but you are welcome to bring your own.

The protective Face Shield and tools will have been cleaned before you arrive.

The 3 main Lathes will be separated by clear screens so that we are not in contact with each other.

Each zone has machines to push and change the air where you are.

I have marked a clear area on each machine that you are to stay inside at all times.

The camera system is designed so I can demonstrate and also see what you are doing without coming near you.

For safety reasons it may be necessary for me to enter your area to check the lathe, tools or accessories. This will be brief and I will have a face shield covering my nose and mouth.

We make take a short break keeping social distancing while the machines change the air.

At the end, any tools and Face Shields will be cleaned and then quarantined for 2 days.

To be finished

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Tralee, Co. Kerry, Ireland