Student information for Tuition Classes

Before you book a class I need to know 2 things

  • Your height - My lathes are set on various heights so anyone around 6 foot tall will have no problems

  • Left Handed - Most people are right handed so your tuition will be slightly different to others

I could allow a younger (smaller) person to attend with a parent but they would have to use a platform.  I generally don't like platforms because they can lead to problems but if a parent is willing to accept the responsibility then it's OK with me.

How should you prepare for the class

  • Wear clothes that can get dusty and dirty

  • Wear flat soled closed top shoes, sandals and raised heels are not permitted for safety reasons

  • Check that you are not allergic to wood dust (you'd probably already know this

I have dust extractors but they don't remove all the dust from the air.

What I can provide you with

  • Face shield, safety glasses

  • Dust masks if you need them

  • You will be standing for the duration of the class, however I can get seats should you require them.

If you have any questions that I haven't covered, please feel free to message me.

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Tralee, Co. Kerry, Ireland