Tourist Souvenirs and Gift Ideas made from genuine Irish Hardwood

Would you like to mark your dream vacation or holiday to Ireland with a handcrafted Irish gift? All my pieces are made from genuine Irish Hardwood trees.  Each piece which was a small part of a tree that was once rooted and connected firmly in Irish soil will make your souvenir, memento or gift extra special. 


Each piece is cut from a fallen tree, dried and fully finished in my workshop in Tralee Co.Kerry.


Checkout my new Coloured range

My latest creations, are Traditional Ring Holders with Intrinsic triple Colours and Embellishing Waxes.

The raw wood materials I use grew in Ireland and are therefore distinctly Irish.  In a world of plastic pollution you can avoid buyers guilt by buying a natural product that can last a lifetime if cared for properly. 

Why choose wooden gifts?

Wood is warm to the touch and pleasant to the eye.  Presented and finished properly, there is no material like it on Earth.  Human beings have been giving wood as gifts for many thousands of years because it is relatively easy to work with in it's natural state.  Most of my pieces will take up very little space in your luggage and are very affordable considering the work that goes into each piece.

In it's natural grain look or coloured, wood is beautiful!

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If you are lucky enough to make it to Ireland in 2021 (Post vaccination/Post Pandemic) for your vacation maybe you would like to buy direct from an Irish Woodturner instead of buying from a shop.

Appointments can be made free of charge as long as you and your group buy something from me. Appointments are limited to 20 minutes though as I am quite busy during the Summer.

Contact me and let me know your group size and which products you might be interested in so I can put a little display in the front of the house.