Tralee Man With a Van, local Tralee jobs Only

This part of my business is now permanently Closed

Available for hire locally for picking up items like Building Materials (plywood sheets, cement bags, Flooring etc),

New Furniture (Beds Couches, Chairs, Tables etc) House Moving (plenty of space for boxes, light furniture etc)

Basically anything a short wheel van can carry really.

Please note that if you are moving house and have a large quantity of bulky items you might need to consider hiring someone with a larger van or truck.  I get requested to move bulky items all the time and it means more trips and greater expenses.  I am happy to oblige but please don't haggle with me over the price as a result.

VAN 2.png

Please read page carefully, I get requests to drive to Cork, Limerick and further repeatedly even though I have printed that it's for local service only.  

Availability for hire with short notice

  • January to May 

  • September to December 

Availability for hire with a weeks notice

  • June to August

This is my busy time with woodturning so I would need more notice although you might be lucky and catch me at a quiet moment. 

I can do evening jobs subject to terms and conditions.

Tralee delivery starts at €20 for small easy items and short journeys but the rate goes up with larger items, more items & full loads. 


  • Large/heavy/awkward items will be more expensive & will require someone on both ends to help with any lifting.

  • Available for pickup  and drop off in and around Tralee Town subject to agreement. 

  • Please be honest when describing the load

Send Text to David on 087-6738856 or WhatsApp message with full description of your requirements for call back.

Please describe load as accurately as possible and provide pickup address and Eircode for both journeys.

Prices given over the phone will be estimates only, your job may end up more expensive due to complications.

  • Need a garden set collected and delivered from Woodies? Give me a shout.

  • Need a chair/small sofa picked up from a furniture shop? Give me a shout.

  • Need some flooring delivered from Noyeks? Give me a shout.

  • Bought a bulky item from Argos? Give me a shout.

  • Large paint order from Pat McDonnells? Give me a shout.

  • Just bought some big stuff in Kellihers? Give me a shout.

  • Got an item that's just too big for your car or trailer? Give me a shout!



Moving Fridges 

After a recent request to move an American style large fridge a number of misunderstandings about moving fridges occurred where the customer wanted the fridge moved upright only, claiming that an article on Google stated they must be moved upright at all times.  Articles found on Google are not always 100% factually correct, so ask an expert if unsure.

After moving a few of these large fridges the cost has now gone up. These fridges are larger than some external and internal door frames and the handles may have to be removed and replaced to get the fridge into your house.  They are also very heavy and awkward to lift. Based on these 2 issues the standard charge for moving an American style fridge is now €30 minimum around Tralee with the fridge outside the door of the collection address and dropped to the door of the delivery address.  


The facts 

Yes, it is recommended to move a fridge upright but where necessary a fridge can be moved on it's side, couriers do this all the time as they don't always have high top vehicles. The fridge can be fully flat or even better, raised at a slight upward angle so the oil is not filling the rear tubes and is held lower down by gravity.  You must however wait for a minimum 2 hrs to 4 hours (4 hrs recommended by a local expert I asked) before plugging it in so that the oil, coolant and trapped air have a chance to settle back down.  It is further recommended that if it has been lying on it's side for  longer then you must leave it unplugged for at least the same amount of time as it was lying down.  If in doubt you can always allow 8 -24 hours before plugging it in to be absolutely sure. 


If you still have any doubt about carrying a fridge on it's side then feel free to look for a high top van or truck to carry your fridge and pay the higher fee.  My van Height allowance is 53 inches or 1345mm approximately so fridges must be transported on their sides.