Woodturning Tuition in Tralee Co.Kerry

Would you like to do some Woodturning Classes?  I am offering the perfect start for you on your road to becoming a Woodturner or you can just try it for the fun. Learn to turn on professional machinery using professional tools and get advice from someone who turns all the time.  Since starting my business I have accumulated a wealth of knowledge about:

  • Greenwood processing

  • Drying, sealing & storing wood

  • Which tools to buy and which to leave behind

  • Turning pieces more efficiently

  • Sanding Techniques

  • Wood Colouring

  • Wood finishing techniques


Take the Plunge

I learned how to turn the hard way.  Self taught and I failed.  I kept making the same stupid mistakes over and over until it spoilt a hobby that I loved.  Had the internet been around I probably could have gone on a bit longer but there's no substitute for being taught by a more experienced person.


In the end I left woodturning for many years until I was pushed back to my woodworking roots.  I finally went to a professional woodturner and it changed everything for me.  Since then I have made many pieces that I never dreamed I would be capable of creating and I keep pushing the envelope.  Don't delay, check out my Woodturning Tuition classes today!

So you'd like to be a Woodturner?

You saw a few videos on Youtube and you think you can do it, it looks so easy. Right?  I wish it was that simple.  Woodturning takes a lot of practice and can be frustrating at times. What makes it worthwhile is when you master the tools you are using. When you make a piece that looks like what you imagined in your head. I'm not trying to scare you away, on the contrary; I want you to start, knowing that you are going to be challenged and it will become fun when you start getting the hang of things.


First Contact

Just making contact with someone to book a class can be a little daunting to some people. Relax, I don't bite. I just ask that people use the Contact page on this site instead of a phone call or social media and tell me what you need and want to do. I then have a written record so I don't forget about you.  Would you like to try some Woodturning Tuition now or read on some more?

Your first Woodturning Tuition Class

The session will start with a chat about what you want to do and this generally puts people at ease.  My experience teaching will help you decide how much can be accomplished on the day.  I generally take students for 1 to 3 sessions before advising them to have their own lathe to practice on.  After that, you can work away on your own for a while before coming back to me with any questions or problems.  Woodturning is a difficult but very rewarding skill to learn. Just remember, it takes time and dedication to master and won't happen overnight. Starting on the right foot with proper Woodturning Tuition will pay dividends later on.


After your first Woodturning Tuition Class

I will have given you all the best advice on the day including not buying the tool box sets that are on offer everywhere. You will only use maybe 3 out of the set and the rest are useless. Instead buy these tools direct from me and you will use them every time you turn. I use these 6 tools here every single day in my production and they always exactly what I need. Good quality tools will last a lifetime for most people, bad choices mean you will buy twice. Check out the my full range of Hamlet Tools and start your Woodturning journey the right way, using the right tools for the job!

Which Lathe do I buy?

Now that is a question I can't really answer here. Why? It's a loaded question and the answer is determined by means, taste, advice, access to decent suppliers and space in your home/garage/shed. Pictured here is my latest purchase which is quite expensive for its size. You don't want to choose badly, you need to come to one of my Classes where I can advise you properly. Woodturning is not just about the Lathe, its about Handtools, Sharpening Equipment, Chucks, Jaws, Faceplates and a whole lot more. Get in touch today and start yourself off on the right foot!  Checkout Woodturning Tuition and then use Contact.