Irish handcrafted Wedding gifts


Are you looking for a really special Wedding gift? A simple but exceptionally finished hardwood food safe-bowl with beautiful features goes a long way in a new home.  They make excellent housewarming gifts too.

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Tralee Ash Salad Bowl
Tralee Ash Salad Bowl

These bowls are individually cut from Irish hardwood trees, dried over many months and then finished to a high quality.  Each bowl is made in the moment and is turned to bring out the best features of the wood. 

What I think really makes them extra special is their connection to Irish soil.  Each bowl comes from a tree that grew in Ireland.  Each bowl has a story, come and learn about them here 

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Many of my customers purchase Bowls direct from me and I look forward to the decision making process on the day when they choose a Bowl. It is sometimes a humorous experience when they are faced with a choice of 10 or more beautiful Bowls and cannot decide which one to go for.


At times I steer people towards an appropriate Bowl but the final decision is always up to the customer.

Maybe you'd like to experience this too?

Ash Bowl with Beautiful Heartwood colouring