Irish Made Gifts from Tralee Co Kerry, Woodturning Craft and Much More!

Unique handcrafted Irish made gifts; made from Irish Hardwoods sourced in Ireland by David Condon Woodcraft. Cut directly from the trees and then dried & finished in my Workshop in Tralee Co. Kerry. Irish Woodcraft, bringing new life and purpose to fallen Irish hardwood one piece at a time! I now also stock a wide variety of Woodturning Tools, Finishing Products, Craft Ribbons and Accessories plus many other retail products. Also, check out my Woodturning Classes/ Sessions via the image below. Click the buttons below to view product categories that I have grouped together for a better shopping experience or use the website menu above to view the individual product sections. 


Tools & Wood Products

A varied selection of well-known brand names with products you may need for Woodturning. Tools, Finishes, Sandpaper, Woodturning Accessories and more. All are products that I use myself in my Woodturning production.


Food Serving

A selection of Food Safe Salad Bowls and Serving Boards made from Irish Hardwood. Forget the store bought, poor quality, mass produced bowls and boards you might find in the big retail shops. 

Turning action shot.jpg

Woodturning Tuition

Woodturning Courses, Private Tuition in Tralee. Get proper professional advice and learn to turn wood safely. YouTube is not a proper teacher so get proper advice on techniques, tool sharpening and also get tips on which machines to buy and why. 

Bottle Openers-with-Irish-Hardwood-Tops.jpg


A selection of useful Household items with Wood in part or all. If you are searching for a unique Irish Made Gift and you would prefer something that will be used, then this section is for you. Everything here is made to be functional! 



Christmas essentials for wrapping, embellishing and gift buying. Also some other gifts ideas while you are browsing. I won't spoil it for you, follow the link and see for yourself!


Craft Ribbon

A selection of High Quality Craft Ribbon and Accessories from Italian Options. Organza Gift Bags, Bakers Twine, Linen and Hessian products too.



Keep yourself comfortable in all sorts of weather. Face Shields, Compression Arm Sleeves, Beanies, Thermal Face Shields and even Dog Shields from SA Fishing! Suitable for working out, sports or working outside. Even walking the family dog.



Sometimes you just need to pick up something for one child or another. I may have that small gift you are looking for or even something close. Follow the link here and see if you are in luck!


Gifts & Stuff

Wooden Gifts, Gift Vouchers, Gift Box Sets, Toys and Puzzles. If you are stuck for an extra gift idea, this could be the right place for you. Follow the link here!


Craft & Office

If you are always short of something at your craft station, workshop or home office, I might have what you are looking for. I always seem to be stuck for a scissors or clip when none are to hand. 

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Woodturning Tuition Classes 2022

Want to try your hand at Woodturning? Learn the basic skills required to turn and leave the class with a piece you made yourself.  Professional tuition using professional machines and hand tools.  Checkout the Woodturning classes here

I have added a number of new classes and experiences, the times of which can be arranged to suit all our time schedules.  Please see the courses available and check the calendar, then contact me about any that interests you.


I have recently been overhauling my entire website. I may have made some new errors along the way.  I would appreciate a heads up from visitors if you spot something askew.


About Me - Short Version 

I am a Woodturner and Woodturning Teacher from Tralee Co Kerry Ireland. I have been Turning since the mid 90s but I did take a long break during the 00s. I came back to Woodturning during 2014 and was pushed into starting this business in 2015.  Since it was my second business I was very reluctant to be self-employed again but I still find myself here.



I am a member of the Design and Crafts Council of Ireland and a member of the Original Kerry Craft group. I work mainly with Ash and Beech which is wood that I have cut from the trees directly and then dried for use later.


Current News

Up to 2020 business was getter better and easier but Covid-19 has really hit my business hard. In 2022 it looks like the restrictions may be going and hopefully the world will start recovering soon. I certainly hope the Tourism gets back to some sort of normality from now on as it is something I rely on during the Summer months. This is a fairly short version but you can read more in my About Me page if I haven't bored you too much lol.

Why Sell Retail Products?

You may have found my website accidentally on Google and are wondering why a Woodturner would sell a wide variety of retail products, some of which have a connection with Woodturning and many that do not. It's very simple really, I sell Tools and Woodworking products because I got tired of sending my students to other shops to buy products that I was recommending.  After a while I realized that I was making a mistake by sending people away when I could become a product reseller and grab the whole market. The other products I sell like Satin Ribbon, Organza Gift Bags and Office/Craft supplies are all items that I use in my business and I found that other Crafters struggle to find good quality products to use in their businesses too. This way I can sell direct to people like myself and ordinary non business folk making a few Euro in the process. Which brings me to my final explanation; As a Woodturner I have to accept the fact that I won't be a millionaire and I will have to struggle to make ends meet as I go. Adding retail products will make things harder for me initially as I have to buy the goods but over time should get easier. You can help me out by buying something small from one of my Stores here. Just click any of the images above to go to a category section.

The Website Rebuild

I spent a considerable amount of time working on my website during February and March 2022, making the site easier to read, nicer to look at and removing old content etc. I haven't previously had time to do this so during the quiet months was the perfect opportunity. Wix websites have a lot of JavaScript running in the background which I cannot access to modify so the site will always have issues. I also have no access to the CSS files so can't make sitewide changes. Instead, lots of things have to be done page by page which is time consuming considering I have 94 main site pages and also about 500 product pages which require their own TLC.  Wix Editor had a few connectivity problems during the rebuild and the end result of that may be some errors and omissions around the site.  Please excuse any that you see and know the reason a sentence seems to make no sense or just stops in the middle. The issues were eventually fixed by Wix but I had to move on as I lost a lot of time due to the many saving errors.   Update Aug 2022.  After carefully monitoring website pages I have decided to merge some product pages into the categories above and delete their old pages.  I will be at this for a week or so.

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