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38mm Satin Ribbon Ireland for Wedding Favours, Craft, Gift Wrapping & more

High Quality Italian Options 38mm Satin ribbon in 42 Colours for craft, gift wrapping, Wedding Favours and may other occasions.  Due to the cost of these reels, I have a minimum of one of each colour in stock but with each new order I will gradually add reels to increase my stock levels. Everything listed here is actually in stock in my store.  I don't dropship like some other retailers. Backorders in 4 Business Days if out of stock! 3mm Satin Ribbon, 6mm Satin Ribbon, 10mm Satin Ribbon, 16mm Satin Ribbon, 25mm Satin Ribbon and 50mm Satin Ribbon versions are all in stock here too, use the site menu to navigate. Don't settle for cheaper alternative ribbons, buy quality always!

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