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Discover the Beauty of Irish Hardwood: Handcrafted Gifts for Your Home!

Explore my exquisite collection of handcrafted wooden gifts, each piece made with care from locally sourced Irish hardwood whenever possible. My assortment features a variety of beautiful and functional items perfect for your home, or as thoughtful gifts for loved ones—if you can bear to part with them!

  • Bookmarks & Thumb Holders for Book Lovers: Elegant and durable bookmarks & Thumb Holders that add a touch of nature to your reading experience.

  • Bottlestoppers & Bottle Openers: Perfect for wine and beer enthusiasts, combining practicality with handcrafted charm with a mixture of Irish Hardwood and US Stainless Steel!

  • Bird Shaped Doorstops: Hand Cut Bird Shapes will hold any door in place while looking really cool!

  • Flat Egg Cup Holders: Versatile pieces that hold eggs or other round objects with style and ease.

  • Ring Holders: Thoughtful and personal gifts for keeping rings safe and organized.

  • Ring Tab Pullers: Handy tools for opening everyday products with ease.

  • Pull Cord Handles: Upgrade from plastic cap handles with my durable and stylish wooden pull cord handles.

Discover even more unique products in my individual product sections—simply navigate through the site menu to explore the full range. I also stock a large selection of Craft Ribbon & Other Craft accessories.

Bring a piece of Irish craftsmanship into your home today and enjoy the timeless beauty and functionality of our handcrafted wooden gifts.

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