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Woodturning Experiences in Tralee Co Kerry Ireland. Great Tourist Activities!

If you are visiting Ireland and are looking for a unique activity to do in Kerry during your vacation or stay at home holiday then have a look at one of my Woodturning Experiences below. Even better on those rainy days where you can't do any outside activities. It rains in Ireland from time to time or so we are all told :)

You can choose from a Full Woodturning Experience, a basic Experience or my very popular Ornament Making Experience. Each option has it's own merits so please read carefully. These are the same Experiences that I run on Airbnb but at a cheaper rate since I don't have Airbnb service fees to deal with. If you are fed up with the usual tourist traps and feel like doing something different then these might be just what you are looking for. An authentic Experience in a real Woodturner's Workshop! 


Onsite Shop for Buying Direct

Many people like to buy direct from a Crafter/Artist/Artisan so I keep a small display of pieces from which you can purchase on the day of your Experience if you'd like. There is no pressure for you to buy on the day if you don't want so please don't feel you have to. You can also make an appointment if you would like to come and buy any of my products without attending an Experience or Tuition Session. Please use Chat or website Contact page to book.

Want a Quick Tour?

From time to time I get requests for Tours of my Workshop and wood drying facilities by Tourists visiting Ireland. I have no problem showing small groups around for maybe 30 mins or so. I don't charge directly for this but I would expect visitors to purchase from my product display. €50 or more in sales would be appreciated and would cover my time. I'm sure you can understand that I am busy but still need to earn a living and can't give my time away for free.

Visiting Woodcrafters

From time to time I get visited by Woodturners, Woodcrafters, Pen Makers and more who want to purchase some Irish Wood Blanks to take home. Sometimes, I get callers who want to get some blanks to bring home as Gifts for a Woodworker in their family. I have no problem with this at all, just make sure to use the Contact page or Chat Function to make an appointment and give me advance notice of what you want to pick up. 


Please Read the Descriptions Carefully

Read the description in each listing carefully to see which Experience suits you and your group.

Regular Woodturning Tuition options available on this website too. Pay in Cash on the day for even better rates! 


Although you will only be here with me for approximately 2 hours or so; these Experiences actually take up more than half of my day. There is quite a bit of cleaning up to do from my own work and machine prepping before you arrive.  I do get lots of short notice bookings but try and give me more than 24 hours notice if possible please.

Prices Review

Please note that prices for Experiences went up slightly in January 2024. These Experiences usually take up about 5 hrs of my day between cleaning, preparation and running the actual Experiences and resetting my Lathes. Rising business costs have also meant less money for me which I have carried so far to date but can't do any longer.  The prices are now almost in line with my hourly rate. I hope you can understand.  

Booking Steps

1) Please use the Contact Form to request a booking or to ask any additional questions. 

2) Please link to the Experience on the form or add the proper name so I know which Experience you want to do.

3) Add your Group Size and any other  info which might be relevant to your Booking.

4) Keep an eye out for my reply, it won't be too long. Please check your Spam Folder too, just in case.

5) Once we are both happy with the arrangement, I will confirm your booking.

6) Please aim to arrive 10 mins early for the Experience.

7) Don't forget to bring Cash on the day for the best rate!

Checkout the Calendar here for Available Time slots

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