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Wood Bowl After Care simplified; these rules generally apply to all wood products.

  • Do Not microwave and Do Not ever put in a dishwasher

  • Keep away from water as much as is possible, don't dip in the sink

  • Avoid dropping the bowl or dropping objects into the bowl

  • Keep away from Sunlight or sources of heat

  • DO NOT allow fruit to go bad in the bowl, permanent stains occur

  • To wash; use a wet cloth with warm soapy water to clean soiled areas.

  • Pat dry after washing and re-oil to protect the wood again.

Wood needs care, read below for detailed instructions.

Aftercare for your new wood product

I am trying to simplify instructions for each product. The rules above apply to all food related products where they are washed after use. 

My current Wood finish for Food-Safe products is designed to get them to you in their best condition, like I made them. Once water or any liquids are introduced, the shine may become dull or disappear, this is normal and the wood still has some protection. You can then use non-permanent after-care products like Liquid Paraffin to make your Bowl or Serving Board shine again.  Make sure you follow re-oiling or waxing instructions for whatever product you choose.


Hard Wax Oil Finish Bowls

If you bought one of my Hard Wax Oil Bowls as a finish you can use that bowl as a display only bowl without having to do much except use a dry tissue/soft cloth to wipe clean or if you want; with a furniture polish cloth every now and again to shine it up & remove household dust. Make sure the polish has evaporated from the cloth and it is dry to the touch.

I would recommend washing off the polish before returning it to food use.



Care of your Wood Bowl:

To get the most out of your bowl, please follow these guidelines. Wood is a natural product and must always be treated with respect and care.

Do not microwave.

Do Not immerse in water or put in a dishwasher or leave in permanently damp conditions.

Keep away from direct sunlight and away from heat sources like radiators and fires.

Avoid dropping the bowl or dropping heavy items into it which could cause dents or cracks.

Do Not allow fruit/food to go bad inside the bowl as it will permanently stain the wood.

For best results, try and keep the bowl in the same condition that it was bought and keep liquids to a minimum.

To clean:

If the bowl is soiled from food, use a soft kitchen cloth and a little warm mild soapy water and gently clean the soiled areas as soon as possible. Pat dry with a soft towel to remove excess water.  Please be aware that washing may alter or remove the initial shine.

At some point you may have to renew the finish to make the bowl shine again. I'm currently working on a Liquid Paraffin and Beeswax non permanent wipe on which will be easier for customers to apply themselves. It may be available in early 2022.


No matter what finish you choose to add yourself, please follow the application instructions of the product you buy carefully.

Acceptable Non-Permanent Finish - Liquid Paraffin (IRL/EU) or Mineral Oil (USA)

Bottle Stoppers/ Bottle Openers/ Ring Tab Pullers

The top is made from fallen Irish Hardwood, turned on a lathe & hand polished using sealers and wax Finishes.

Clean: If soiled, Clean the metal and/or rubber part with mild washing liquid on a cloth but take care not to wet or soak the wood part.  The wood part should be dry wiped with soft tissue paper like Kleenex.

Do not put in the dishwasher or immerse in water!

Serving Boards/ Chopping Boards/ Egg Cups/ with any of my Finishes

To clean:

Wipe off any soiled areas with warm water & mild detergent and wipe it dry as soon as possible.

Liquid Paraffin (Mineral Oil), available at any Chemist can be used to re-seal the wood once dry.

Apply generously and wipe off excess with tissue paper once most of the Paraffin has soaked in.

Your board should have a low luster shine when you are finished

Keep away from heat sources and direct sunlight.

Do not put in the dishwasher or immerse in water!

Hanging Ornaments/ Ring Holders

These pieces are wax finished and should only be cleaned with dry soft tissues.  A polish cloth may also be used provided the polish has completely evaporated and the cloth is dry to the touch.  Never expose these piece to water or any liquids or the finished coat will be damaged. Never store these pieces in an attic as the temperature will melt the finished coats. Keep the pieces away from Fireplaces or radiators for the same reason.

Remember, Wood is a natural product and must always be treated with care 

If you don't want to look after Wood, I would suggest you buy ceramic or pottery instead :)

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