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Woodturning in Ireland, where do I go to Learn?

If you have found your way to this page then you are probably looking to learn or at least try out Woodturning in Ireland. You are probably ready to embark on a new journey of craftsmanship and creativity but don't know where to begin. It is vital that you learn properly at this stage so that you can move forward with a good foundation under you. Going off and buying equipment and Tools in a rush without first taking advice is a recipe for disaster. Join me in my Workshop in Tralee for a Woodturning Class or two and I will advise you how to start with the right gear so that you will be Turning long into the future.

I offer hands-on Woodturning workshops tailored for beginners and enthusiasts alike and I specialise in one to one or one to two Teacher to Student ratio so that you always have my full attention. If straight forward Tuition is not your thing then you can always try for a Woodturning Experience instead.

I have been Turning professionally since 2015 and I started Teaching in 2019 once I felt I had accumulated enough knowledge to pass on. You will benefit from what I've learned and taught myself over the last 9 years in business as well as learning from the mistakes I made from the mid 1990s onwards.


Benefits of Attending my Classes, Get Advice on;

  • The right Lathe for your budget

  • The best sharpening system

  • The Right Tools to Use

  • Sharpening Tips & Insider Tricks

  • How to Look after your Equipment

  • How to Turn Safely and efficiently

  • How to remain Woodturning long into the future

Can I learn to Turn by Myself?

Sure, you can but I wouldn't recommend it. Why? Because that's the way I did it and I ended up quitting for a while. I also spend hundreds of Pounds & Euros on useless Tools and Machines that made life harder for me and not easier.

Check out myTuition Page

Check out my Woodturning Tuition Page for all the available Options to suit your budget and group size.



For those who don't want to go through the motions of learning all the theory and would prefer to be involved in the making of a finished piece I have Woodturning Experiences that may suit. 

Still Not Convinced?

I have a few Blog Posts that deal with new or aspiring Woodturners that may be of interest after you look at my Tuition page. Once you know that you are going ahead, 'Your First Woodturning Tuition Class, what to expect' is a good one to start with. If you are unsure of going forward or not, 'Is Woodturning a Good Hobby?' is probably where you need to start. I have several other Woodturning related Blog Posts that will interest you if you are keen on making a start.

Contact Me

Once you have checked all the options and have decided, please use the site Contact page to book your Tuition Class or Experience.

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