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Sports & Leisure Wear Accessories. All 5 SA Fishing ranges are displayed here.

Experience the superior protection and versatility of SA Fishing branded products, designed to shield you from insects, sun, wind, cold, and heat during any activity. Whether you're an active, sporty individual or someone who works outside in challenging weather conditions, our products offer the perfect solution. Ideal gifts for Fishermen, Gardeners, Runners, Building Site Workers, Cyclists, Walkers, Gym Enthusiasts and many more.

These are the accessories that you never knew you needed until it's too late!

My Range of SA Products Here Includes:

  • Compression Arm Sleeves: Provide essential protection and comfort for your arms, shielding you from the sun and insects while offering relief from wind and heat.

  • Beanies: Keep your head warm and protected from the elements, ensuring comfort during outdoor activities in cold weather.

  • Dog Shields: Safeguard your furry friends from harsh weather, keeping them comfortable and protected whether you're out for a walk or at play.

  • Multi-Use Face Shields: Versatile and functional, these shields offer protection for your face and neck from sun, wind, and insects, while also providing warmth in colder conditions. 12 ways to wear!

  • Thermal Face Shields: Designed for extreme conditions, these shields offer exceptional warmth and protection from wind and cold, making them ideal for winter sports and outdoor work in frost and snow.

SA, which stands for Salt Armour (Salt Armor in the US), products are renowned for their durability and effectiveness in rugged weather conditions and demanding activities. As the only official reseller of SA products in Ireland, I have personally relied on these Face Shields and Arm Sleeves for years and can attest to their longevity and practicality.

If you want to buy from SA directly their processing to delivery time is 30 days +. You will also have to pay Customs Duties! Buy from me and receive the next day most of the week, no Customs Charges as I paid those already!

Explore the detailed benefits of each product in each listings and find the perfect protection for your outdoor and indoor activities. Shop with confidence and stay protected with our high-quality gear.

Discover the Ultimate Protection – Shop SA Fishing Products Now!

Follow the links below for quick search.

Arm Compression Sleeves     Beanies Headwear    Dog Shields    Multi-use Face Shields    Thermal Face Shields

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