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3mm Satin Ribbon Ireland for Wedding Favours, Craft, Gift Wrapping & more

High Quality Italian Options 3mm Satin ribbon for craft, gift wrapping and more.  This is the same Ribbon I use for my Hanging Ornaments.  It took me a while to find a ribbon of high enough quality and this works on every level.  Great for Crafts, Wedding Favours and many other occasions.  Backorders available with quick turnaround if out of stock!

All Ribbon sizes available from January 2023. Backorders in 4 Business Days if out of stock!

3cm Satin Bows    5cm Satin Bows    Christmas 5cm Bows  

3mm x 50m    6mm x 25m    10mm x 25m    16mm x 25m    25mm x 25m