Woodturning Tuition, Beginners, Intermediate - Private Classes in Tralee

Interested students may contact me anytime with questions or requests. The classes listed here are suggestions based roughly on what the courses will contain, I like to keep the structure informal as it allows for a better learning environment. Use the site contact or message me through my social media accounts. 

Click on the calendar dates to see details.  Below the calendar you will find the courses listed.

I also have listings on Airbnb Experiences but the ones you find here are better value.

Please contact me before buying a gift voucher so I can explain them to you and give you the best options.

Coronavirus/Covid-19 - Tuition Open Once Again

Now that the Summer is over and most of the population has received their full vaccinations there is no excuse not to try something different. Remember during the lockdowns when you were so bored that you swore you would try anything?  Now is your chance. I have added new and special sessions aimed directly to the Irish market and families in particular.

Choose a date and time that suits you and then contact me through the website

Please Note: 90 min sessions can be booked instead of the 180 min as long as the time slot is available.

As payment method has come up a few times recently, I wanted to explain a bit more to those booking. I prefer cash payment on the day because it gives me something to look forward to after a class and I don't lose 3-4% in PayPal Fees.

I think those payment companies make enough money from people so I prefer to avoid them when it comes to Tuition.

If you absolutely can't pay in person and have to use a credit card then you can use the Checkout button with the Padlock symbol above the PayPal button. This is charged to me at about 2.3% of the transaction, a little better than PayPal. 

Please check out the Student Information page for everything you need to know before attending.

Please read the Covid-19 Guidelines before booking and attending classes.

Woodturning is a very enjoyable but challenging craft so don't expect miracles after your first session.  Practice is the key to success but if you get stuck my classes are here to get you over any problems you may be facing.

If you are attending one of my classes you can buy SA Face Shields for the special rate of €9 each on the day of your class or private session, applies to past students too. If you have attended one of my classes in the past and would like to avail of this offer; just get in touch and let me know which ones you want. You can then pay through the listing on this page.

Please note; money-off or discount coupons do not apply to Woodturning Tuition or Gift Vouchers.