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Woodturning Courses in Tralee Co Kerry - Woodturning Classes in Ireland

Please use the site Contact for any questions and for booking.

Please check your email afterwards for my reply. It constantly happens that my reply goes to a junk folder and remains unopened. Although my phone number can be found online, I rarely answer it due to my work environment and I seldom return calls. My website Contact page is the only guaranteed way to reach me.

I specialize in small Group Woodturning Tuition where you get the maximum benefit in a short space of time.

Please try and read the entire page and the Student Information section below first as I have anticipated questions and included everything you might need to know. FYI; The Calendar is normally only populated about 2 months ahead of time. I'm not fond of long term bookings as anything can happen in the meantime leading to changes or cancellations. Gift Voucher Information for those who need to know.

Not sure what to do? Follow these steps.

  1. Woodturning Tuition / Classes / Experiences / Vouchers are listed below the calendar on this page.

  2. Pick the Woodturning Tuition / Class / Experience / Voucher that suits you best.

  3. Check the Calendar below for available dates. Green Dot = available, Red Dot = Booked.

  4. Use the Website Contact Page to let me know your requested date, time & Tuition/Experience preference.

  5. Although my number can be found online, please use the Contact form or Chat only; I rarely answer my phone!

  6. Check your email within a few hours and also your junk folder for my reply; just in case! 

  7. Once accepted, I will book your session and change the calendar Date Dot to red.

  8. Pay Cash on the day for best rate or use credit card below in each listing with included fees.

  9. Please read the Student Information below carefully for all the details you need to know.

  10. Please aim to arrive 10 mins early for your session so you get the full value of your booked time.

  11. If you are sick, cold/flu/Covid; please cancel your booking and we can reschedule when you are well again. 


Woodturning Tuition/ Experience Options for 1 or 2 People - Gift Vouchers Available

Woodturning Experiences for Groups/Families/Tourists - Gift Vouchers Available

Information you may Need to Know

Woodturning Courses/Tuition in Tralee County Kerry Ireland. Learn how to turn wood safely using professional Lathes and Tools. Complete beginners, Men & Women, Boys and Girls are welcome to attend and if you are more experienced you are more than welcome to come along too. Choose a date from the calendar and then Contact me through the website for booking and additional requests if applicable. If after reading this page you still would like to know more I have written a Blog Post Your First Woodturning Lesson, What to Expect. 

Student Ages 

I have tried many times over the years to bring in younger people to Woodturning classes. I believe in trying to get young people interested in this fantastic Craft however the end results have always been the same.  Under a certain age, children struggle with the techniques of holding the tools, listening & applying corrections and controlled body movements which are essential in Woodturning. Commitment is hard as school takes up most of their time and focus is scattered between Homework, Friends, Sports, TV, Gaming etc. It is often the Parents or Guardians that are more excited or curious about the classes than the young people they bring along. I have found that 16 year olds and above are more capable so I have raised the age limits accordingly. I don't want to exclude anyone but the reality is that Woodturning requires more than a passing interest in order to succeed. Any parent may still contact me for a session for their child under 16 and I will deal with each request on a case by case basis. I have been doing this craft for a long time and I'm sure most parents can understand my reasons and explanations here. I recently wrote a Blog Post on When is the Right Age to Start Woodturning to expand the explanations for Parents and others if you would like to have a read.

Payment Explanation

Please note I have changed prices to include credit card purchases for Tuition only, it will remain cheaper to pay in cash on the day. As payment method has come up a few times recently, I wanted to explain a bit more to those booking. I prefer cash payment on the day because (1) it gives me something to look forward to after a class and (2) I don't lose up to 4% in PayPal or Credit Card fees; Banks charge far less to lodge cash. I think those payment companies make enough money from people so I prefer to avoid them when it comes to my Tuition. My knowledge was hard earned so I would prefer not to give anything to a third party. Everything else on my website can be paid by Credit Card or PayPal. There's no better feeling in the world than being paid for a job when it is finished. Bring the relevant cash amount for the Tuition Session you are attending and save yourself some money on the day. You can of course purchase additional Tools, Finishing products, Sanding Supplies or anything on my website on the day and pay by card.

What is the Benefit of Attending one of my Woodturning Tuition Classes?

I teach Woodturning Classes one to one or one to two mostly, in blocks starting at 3 hours. This low student to teacher ratio means I am right there to deal with anything that needs attention. Most Woodturning Teachers have day courses which are fantastic, don't get me wrong here; I have been to a couple myself back in the day. The problem is that you are in a class of 4 or 6 and you are tied to the slowest person in the class as the instructor has to bring them along. You are also there for 8 hours which is extremely tiring for a lot of people. My short sessions are the perfect length and I cram as much information in as possible. I recommend one to three sessions for absolute beginners. My Blog has a few related Articles which should help you if you are struggling to make a decision.


What will we Learn to do in Each Session?

To give you a quick rough outline. Your first session will be dealing with the right equipment to buy, basics of sharpening and then Turning 2 cylinders. Towards the end of the session learning how each Tool is presented to cut properly. A second session will be a lot more Turning and theory and hopefully advancing your ability. A third session is likely to be more advanced work again and introduction to basic Bowl Turning. Between each session you should be practicing on your own Lathe to get the maximum benefit.

Keep your Expectations Realistic

Woodturning is a very enjoyable but challenging craft so don't expect miracles after your first few sessions. Online videos can make it seem very easy when an experienced Woodturner is Turning a piece.  Practice is the real key to success but if you get stuck my classes are always here to get you over any problems you may be facing.  The price I charge for one to one Tuition is low enough that you can keep attending as long as you feel you need to without breaking the bank.

Buying Woodturning Tuition or Woodturning Experience Gift Vouchers

It might seem like a daunting task to buy a gift voucher for something you know nothing about but I will try and make it easier for you. If someone you know has expressed an interest in starting Woodturning then the Woodturning Tuition 3 Hour sessions are a perfect start. I recommend new beginners have between 1 and 3 sessions before going off to get their own Lathe and Tools so choose the 1 person Private Woodturning Tuition Gift Voucher above and select 1, 2 or more sessions from the quantity dropdown list. It's up to you. You can also buy the 2 person Gift Voucher to treat a couple you know to a Tuition session or more. Gift Vouchers are available in each listing above.

If the Gift Voucher recipient has only a casual interest in Woodturning or loves trying out different Craft Experiences, then the Woodturning Experiences are a better fit.  The Ornament Making Experience is the most popular but I also have a longer version Ornament Making Plus that allows the Guest to do some Turning along with the Ornament Making.  I get lots of people who have attended other craft experiences and enjoy the variation and challenges of each new discipline without delving in too deeply into the theory behind the scenes. 

Please note: Gift Vouchers are sent by letter using An Post and not by Courier.

Woodturning Experiences

If straight up Woodturning Tuition with all the associated theory & practical lessons seems a little bit boring to you, I have specially designed Woodturning Experiences that are there to show you a little bit of a Woodturner's world and let you try some limited Woodturning or let you take home a piece that you worked on depending on which Experience you choose.  Check out the Woodturning Experiences here

Special Offer Face Shields

Special Offer SA Face Shields are available on the day of your class or private session, applies to past students too. If you have attended one of my classes in the past and would like to avail of this offer; just get in touch and let me know which ones you want.  You can then pay me on the day of your Tuition or through the Face Shield listing on this page

Woodturning Tuition & Courses. Student information for Tuition Classes

Before you book a class I may need to know a Few things About You

  • Your height - My lathes are set on various heights so anyone around 6 foot tall will have no problems

  • Left Handed - Most people are right handed so your tuition will be slightly different to others

  • Age and height - of younger people so I can match them with a suitable lathe. I advise 16 years and up.

I could allow a younger (smaller) person to attend with a parent but they would have to use a platform.  I generally don't like platforms because they can lead to problems but if a parent is willing to accept the responsibility then it's OK with me.

How should you prepare for the class

  • Wear clothes that can get dusty and/or dirty. Don't wear wool, Cashmere or Fleece Tops.

  • Wear flat soled closed top shoes, open sandals and raised heels are not permitted for safety reasons

  • Check that you are not allergic to wood dust (you'd probably already know this)

  • Plan your journey so that you arrive 10 minutes before the start time to get full use of your booked time.

I have dust extractors but they don't remove 100% of the dust from the air.

What I can provide you with​

  • Impact Resistant Face shield which you must wear when the lathe is running.

  • Dust masks if you need them, please ask at the beginning of the session.

  • You will be standing for the duration of the class, however I have seats should you require them.

If you have any questions that I haven't covered, please feel free to message me.

You may find some useful Woodturning videos here on my David Condon Woodcraft Youtube Channel

Covid-19 - Classes and Private Tuition Guidelines - Updated Jan 2024

Covid-19 is still around and still presents issues with new strains appearing.  The colds & flu's took a dip during Covid but have come back stronger with more adverse effects. I still have hand sanitizers in place for those who wish to use them but all major restrictions are currently relaxed. Please feel free to use a mouth and nose Face Cover if you like and you can ask me to use one too if it makes you more comfortable, I don't mind in the slightest.

Important!  If you have any symptoms of Covid, Cold or Flu please cancel your booking until you are well again. I don't enjoy being sick unnecessarily so please don't attend  if you know you are not well. 

Accommodation, make a holiday out of it!

If you are travelling a fair distance you might want to stay overnight in Tralee to break your journey the night before or after your Woodturning Class. Maybe go out for dinner in a restaurant and have a few drinks in a pub on the evening after your tuition?  I can recommend Ashville House in Ballyard, not far from my house. Incidentally, the proprietor Rose O'Keeffe used to mind me as a child. I was always the best behaved child and never a brat just in case it comes up in conversation ha-ha. You can find her listing Ashville House Tralee here

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