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Current Shipping & Delivery Information Updates

Shipping Prices remain volatile worldwide and are constantly subject to increases.

Now Shipping with DPD as I needed a more reliable Courier Service.

2024 - UK and Northern Ireland shipping is back on.  NI is considered part of the EU zone so no Customs charges apply. UK buyers may be liable for UK Customs charges when order is over £135 including the shipping cost. 

US and Canada customers, add your items to the cart and then send me a message through the Contact page or Chat box and I will double check your shipping cost before you check out. European Information.

Aerosols, Oils and Waxes cannot be shipped by airmail to USA & Canada. These can go by road to Europe though.

I ship to Ireland, UK, EU, Canada and USA. All shipping zones and approximate shipping times can be found when you add items to the Cart. Regretfully, I cannot ship to PO Boxes in any country

Why Buy from my Website?

I'm a small business and every single order I get is important. Did you ever order from a company and hear nothing for 2 or 3 days afterwards? That won't happen with me. Your order gets priority treatment and is dealt with very fast in comparison with other businesses. If I'm not teaching or otherwise busy, I will get to your order as soon as I see it come in. Mon to Friday; I will send you an email advising when I'm likely to dispatch. I may do that during the weekend but I try and take some time off. My prices might be a little higher for some products than others as I don't have the buying power of bigger businesses but the Service will be far higher. I have retained many regular Customers over the last 4 years due to being consistently reliable. Now that I ship with DPD, my Service is even better and you will get advance, accurate delivery times with an hour delivery window. Take the chance with me, you won't be sorry!

What Happens to my Package After I Order

Place your order before 11 am Monday to Thursday and you will receive your order Next Day in Ireland. Some days I am teaching early in the day and may not see your order come in. To avoid disappointment, make sure and put the order through the night before or very early in the morning to make sure I see it, pack it and get it out to you. I book DPD to collect packages early in the morning if there are packages to go out.  Once collected it goes off to the main depot for sorting and arrives to you the following day depending on which day it is shipped.

DPD promise Next Day delivery in Ireland after Day of Dispatch but from experience I would say that is 98% true.

 Sometimes things happen. Drivers go off sick, or go on holidays and sometimes they fill the van before your order can go onboard. DPD are now the biggest and busiest in the country and that can cause logistical issues from time to time. Peak times like around Christmas may also be a little slower but you will be able to track progress and still have your hour window once out for delivery. 

Shipping Days

IRL; Order Saturday, Sunday or Monday before 11am -Ships Monday, Receive Tuesday (except Bank Holidays)

Order Tuesday before 11am, Receive Wednesday, 

Order Wednesday before 11am, Receive Thursday

Order Thursday before 11am, Receive Friday.

Order before 10am Friday; Ships Friday, Receive Monday (Tuesday if Monday is a Bank Holiday).

Orders after 11am go out the following day or in the case of Friday will go out on Monday.

 International orders may take a little longer to process depending on which country the package is going to and how much packing & Customs paperwork is involved.


Opening Hours and Shipping Times

Business hours are 9am to 5pm Monday to Friday. Items are normally posted within 24 hours after payment received during normal business days, except on Bank Holidays when your order will be posted the following day..

Order and pay before 11am and I can normally dispatch same day. DPD collect around 2:30pm so it may be possible to get your order out after 11am if I see it but this is not guaranteed.

Orders after 11am on Fridays will be shipped on Monday.

Please keep in mind that I am busy in the workshop every day and may not see your order instantly. I check my email at fairly regular intervals but sometimes I when I am very busy that interval gets longer.  Please be patient, I will get to it.

Save On Shipping Costs by choosing Collection Option

For extra convenience, I offer a collection option when you go to check out.  Simply select collection option and pay for your purchases without shipping costs and then you can make an arrangement to call and collect your order. 

This is a great savings option if you live beyond Tralee but know that you will be visiting soon.   By paying and using the collection option like this means your purchases will be put away safely until you collect and in no danger of being sold to another person. You can also opt to pay when collecting. 


Shipping Dispatch

I take great pride in my shipping times. I can normally ship same day if your order is in before 11am and next day if your order comes in after that.

As an online shopper for many years it always annoyed me when companies take 2 or 3 days just to process an order and when the 'Item has Dispatched' email is sent you know that the item is just sitting in a post cart within the same company warehouse and does not reach the courier or post office until that evening or the following day.

Your order is always my highest priority, I ship in real time! Once I send you a dispatch notice, the package has gone with the courier.

Shipping Delays

Sometimes, there are delays that are out of my control. I always try to do my best to keep customers informed and I always follow tracking myself to make sure the package gets to you in good time.  To avoid delays, please order in plenty of time and don't order last minute expecting miracles. DPD deal with more package volume than all the other couriers in Ireland and sometimes this can delay your package being put into a van for delivery.

DPD Missed Collection

Sometimes it happens that DPD fail to collect from me. This is rare and normally only happens when my regular driver is away on holidays or off sick and DPD fail to assign a stand-in driver. I aim for all my packages to go out on the same or next day but if this happens I will let you know immediately. DPD are a third party and one that I have no control over. In a perfect world, I would be able to drop it to their depot but unfortunately it is quite a distance from me and I may be otherwise engaged. Your package will go out the day after if this occurs.

Change Shipping Details?

I have been asked a few times to make changes to the delivery or instruct the courier to drop a package around the back, inside a gate or to a different location other than the address of the customer. Regretfully, I cannot do this as the Courier does not allow the shipper to alter details after the fact. You receive an email from DPD after I ship which gives you the option to change or give new instructions to the Courier with your permission. I cannot stand over packages that are dropped somewhere on the property so you should always arrange for a nominated person to receive your package if you are not home during the day. Don't take a chance where new purchases are concerned.

DPD Saturday Delivery

Sometimes DPD will deliver on a Saturday morning with no extra charge. This is in no way guaranteed and is very much up to your local driver as to when this may happen and what deliveries they choose to make.

DPD do offer a Paid Saturday Delivery Option but this an additional €24 on top of the €9 shipping charge. If you absolutely have to have your Friday package on a Saturday you can ask me through the website Contact and I will activate the €33 Saturday Shipping Option for you. It is not always active as it could lead to mistakes by people checking out and not every Eircode can avail of this service due to location. This is a very expensive option so I advise ordering in plenty of time at the regular weekday rate.

European Shipping

I have set DPD as my new Shipping Option for Europe and they accept packages up to 30KG. There are no hazardous goods restrictions so I can now ship small quantities of Aerosols, Oils, and Waxes as they go by road instead of air.

You can plan your shipment based on heavier weight and get better value by adding more products.

European Rates vary in price depending on how far from Ireland you are and normally take between 3 and 7 Business Days to reach their destination after day of dispatch. The best way to get value for your shipping is to browse the entire website and buy a few items that you might be looking to buy elsewhere. Most people don't realise how much stock varieties I have on this website so it is worth looking around my menus.

USA /Canada Shipping

US and Canada customers, add your items to the cart and then send me a message through the Contact page or Chat box and I will double check your shipping cost. Please don't complete checkout until I get back to you with a confirmed price as it may be cheaper or more expensive than quoted on the website. Volumetric measurements apply to airmail and there are restrictions on some items. Example; A Bowl would be rated higher on the size of the shipping box rather than weight of the Bowl and the package and therefore the shipping cost might be higher than shown in the Cart.

Small products might be priced more accurately but please check with me anyway. 


Shipping Restrictions USA/Canada /Rest of the World

I can ship Flammable Woodturning products like Aerosols, Oils and Waxes all over Ireland without restriction.

I can ship a few of these items together in one box all over Europe as it goes by road. 

I cannot ship these products to any other destination because they go by air and require special qualifications to pack and ship which I do not have. Apologies but this system is designed for safety reasons.


Add more Products within Weight Limits

Please note that shipping may work out cheaper when you order a few items together. International Air Freight Shipping cost is based on package weight and volumetric size of the shipping container. You can always add items to the cart to see how much shipping comes to. Keep adding until the price changes and then decide.

Recycling Because it Makes Sense

Where possible, I will reuse shipping boxes and packaging that I have received through my own business orders and personal shopping. I believe in recycling as much as possible, less trees are cut down as a result of this. Who wants a brand new shipping box that's only going to get battered as it goes through the various postal systems? 

UK Buyers

UK Shipping is currently priced at €17 per carton so you can load up anything you'd like up to 25KG. €22 if you go over the 25KG not exceeding 30KG weight. While more expensive than standard post, your order will reach you much quicker and with less hassle than using Royal Mail. The best way to get value for shipping is to order more than one item. I have a huge range of stock to choose from so it can be worth your while looking around my website.


UK Customs Duties - Outside EU

Buyers outside the EU are responsible for any customs and import taxes that may apply.

Unfortunately, I cannot be responsible for delays due to customs or any delays in the Couriers systems.

International Shipping times are estimates based on the Couriers advice and do not allow for Customs delays.

Due to Brexit, UK orders are now be subject to UK Customs Duties when the value of your order is over £135 including the shipping cost. This is out of my control and not included in the purchase price of any of my products. Please be aware that there may also be a delay processing your package through Customs which is again a byproduct of Brexit. With DPD, delivery should be 2 Business Days approximately after day of dispatch subject to Customs.


Other Shipping Information

Large orders from unknown international sources will be immediately cancelled. This is a fraud prevention measure and not meant to cause offence. Nobody buys craft in bulk out of the blue. If you need to order more higher value items please contact me first. 

I no longer ship via An Post as they became too unreliable during 2021 and all items are now sent by DPD Courier with Tracking as standard. Most of my packages would cost €9 and above with An Post anyway so it makes more sense.

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