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Beautifully Handcrafted Irish Wooden Salad Bowls made with Locally Sourced Hardwood


There is something about the simple shape of a turned bowl that appeals to human beings, being both functional and artistic in form and appearance.  These Bowls here come from Irish Hardwood trees and not only represent many years of growth but up to a year of processing and finishing before landing on your table.  If you are looking for a Wooden Salad Bowl in Ireland you have come to the right place! Ideal gifts for the more discerning buyer.

Unfortunately, my photography skills don't do justice to the bowls.  Most people send me lovely comments after they receive them saying they look so much better in person.  

Contact me through the website to make a viewing appointment and I will set up the bowls in your price range so you can pick your bowl in person.

Size Guide: Large is normally 14'' Diameter and bigger, Medium is normally around 10'' to 14'' and small is under 10''.

If you are still unsure of the right size to get, place a lockable tape measure on the table/counter and lock it at the size of bowl you are looking at or the size you think you need. This should give a good indication.

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