Serve up salads, fruit, nuts, popcorn etc. with style or just have an amazing handcrafted Spalted Beech bowl centrepiece adorn your table.   This bowl has loads of spalt lines and zones making it an absolutely stunning piece.  It would make a better display piece for some people rather than using it for food but each to their own.


The small bowl comes from just outside Beaufort, Killarney Co. Kerry and was blown down in 2017.  I started cutting this tree in place in late 2017 and again in early 2018.  Beech contains a lot of moisture and each log I cut had to be lifted by hand through a boggy field and over a ditch to get to my van.


Finish sanded to a highly smooth touch.  For food convenience, it is coated with a new Hard Wax Oil which is water resistant to a point.


Dimensions 209mm x 84mm or 8 1/4 x 3 3/8 inches approx


Unboxed weight 440 grams


Please Note: You can save on the shipping costs by arranging to collect the bowl or have a designated person pick it up for you.  Just pay for the item and select Pick Up option for free.

Food-Safe Bowl in Beaufort Beech

SKU: 00276
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Tralee, Co. Kerry, Ireland