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Wood Carvings

Contact David Condon Woodcraft

Please use the Contact form below, I normally reply within a few hours.

Please check your Spam/Junk folder during the same day if you have not seen a reply from me.

It happens quite often that people don't check their junk folders for days and therefore miss my reply.

Although my phone number can be found online, I prefer to be contacted through this Contact Form first and only.

You may alternatively use the Chat Function on each page to ask short, quick questions.

Remember to check your Junk Folder on the same day after you click Send!


For any inquiries or orders please get in touch with me today.

Remember to check your Junk Folder on the same day after you click Send!

Remember to check your Junk Folder on the same day after you click Send!

I've written these multiple times for a reason!

Your details were sent successfully!

Why I need you to Use This Contact Form

Please message me through this contact form as I then have a digital record of your request, question or booking and your contact details. It is then very easy for me to keep track of everything in one place and I can easily refer back to previous contact information for you. I have had hundreds of customers over the last 10 years, imagine how hard it is to remember everything.  You can use the site Quick Chat Function for basic questions but please add your email and full name so I know who you are and what you are looking for. 

If you find my reply in your Spam/Junk Folder

Each email client or service is different and each one has different junk folder settings from mild to strong. If my email reply has found its way into your spam or junk folder; please add my email details to your whitelist or click 'Never send this person's email to the junk folder' when moving my email to your regular inbox. This will prevent all my future emails from going to the junk folder and allow you to reply easily using my email.

New Email Regulations - Please Note!

Email Clients and the Servers that service emails worldwide are tightening regulations on unwanted email spamming and therefore more emails will go to junk or spam folders than before if that person or business is not in your contact list. Please follow the instructions above and be more diligent about checking your junk folder on a daily basis so you don't miss out on important communications.

Social Media Contact

I may be contacted through my Social Media Accounts if necessary and I normally only allow new customers to use these and then I redirect them to this page. I'm trying to keep all my customers in the one location going forward as it's starting to get messy and I'm losing track of people. I have no assistant, I do all this myself after my days work. Please use the form above so I can keep it simple and organized.

Please do not Text or Ring

Although my phone number can be found online, I prefer to be contacted through this site first and only. A phone conversation may then be arranged if absolutely necessary. I used to encourage Texts and Calls but they have become a huge nuisance. I have had to stop answering all calls both domestic and international due to rising fraud cold calling which at this stage is several times a day.  Most of the information you need is contained in this website, please check before contact. Please note: I do not return any missed calls.

Your Information

Please note that using this Contact Form automatically adds you to my website Contact list and at some point you may receive an automatic email which is sent by my website and not by me directly. If you want to be removed from my Contact List at any stage you can contact me via the Contact Form or Chat Function and I will manually remove your details. You my also unsubscribe from any emails sent by my website at any time. Removing your Contact information also removes all records of orders with me so only do it if you don't intend to order in future.

Where I'm Located

Address: Clahane, Ballyard, Tralee, Co. Kerry, V92 W2H4 Ireland 

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