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Quality Cloth Backed Sandpaper products, now including Sianet & Nyweb

Sanding is vital for any wood project you might have going on. If you neglect this part of the process, you're finished piece will look terrible and you will have wasted your valuable time.  Spend wisely and buy the same products that I use myself in my workshop.  I specialize in Woodturning related products but many of these are the same type that regular Woodworkers, Painters and Home DIY people go for. Cloth backed sandpaper is so much more durable and versatile than the paper equivalent. Cloth backed can be cut into small angled or rounded sections making it invaluable for spindle Turners for getting into those tricky narrow areas on delicate or intricate work.  

Paper Sandpaper now in stock. I also now stock Sianet net abrasives which is a great quality sanding product for quick repeatable sanding which tends to last longer than cloth sandpaper depending on your projects.

Nyweb sheets are great for in-between wood  finish surface preparation. Sanding Discs and Sanding Mandrels for Bowl or Platter Sanding are also available on this website.

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