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Meet David Condon: Woodturner from Tralee, Co. Kerry Ireland
From Log to the Finished Piece.

Meet David Condon: Woodturner from Tralee, Co. Kerry

Welcome to my world of Woodturning and Woodcraft! I'm David Condon, a born and bred Irish woodturner with a passion for transforming Irish hardwoods into stunning, functional pieces. Situated just outside of Tralee Co. Kerry, my workshop is where nature's raw beauty meets meticulous craftsmanship.

A Journey of Craftsmanship: I specialize in rescuing hardwoods directly from fallen trees and breathing new life into them. From elegant home decor & functional pieces to occasional artistic masterpieces, my work embodies the spirit and beauty of Irish wood.

Join Me in Woodturning: Whether you're a beginner or looking to hone your skills, I offer comprehensive woodturning tuition lessons. Join me in my workshop and embark on your own creative journey, guided by years of experience and a genuine love for the craft.

Expanding into Craft Supplies: To support my craft and fellow crafters, I've expanded my offerings to include a wide range of craft supplies. From high-quality craft ribbons to essential Woodturning Tools, I provide resources for hobbyists and professional crafters alike.

Stay Connected: Follow my journey and get inspired by checking out my social media accounts below. Join our vibrant community of woodturning enthusiasts and craft lovers.

Thank you for visiting my site. I hope you find something that sparks your creativity and love for handcrafted art.

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First Time Here?

Looking to book a Woodturning Tuition Session or a hands-on Woodturning Experience? You'll find all the information you need in the listings by following the links above. Each session type is described in detail, ensuring you know exactly what to expect and how to secure your spot. If you have any further questions, our Contact page and Chat Function are always available to assist you.

Interested in owning one of my handcrafted pieces? I know it can be difficult to appreciate the full beauty of a piece from just a photo. Many of my customers have told me that the photos don't capture the true artistry and quality until they see and feel the piece in person. True craftsmanship may be more expensive, but its unique value and the joy it brings are beyond measure.

Learn more about the My Process here

Above is me Rough turning a large Ash bowl in 2019 (I think)

Where I Live

I live in a valley at the foot of the Short Mountain just outside Tralee Town. The town itself sits in the main Valley parallel to mine and both vallies open up into Tralee Bay. The  mountain that rises above my house is the Sliabh Mish mountain range which stretches back about halfway along the Dingle Peninsula. This area is a beautiful picturesque Irish landscape, one of hundreds on our beautiful island.


I live about a mile from the centre of Tralee in a rural setting. Don't worry, I can easily be found on Google. The Ash Bowl above is from a tree that came from Glencar Co Kerry which I sold a few years ago and is one of my most favourite creations ever.

Woodturning Teacher

I offer a range of Private Tuition Classes for beginner Woodturners from my Workshop in Tralee. Early on I found there was a niche market to help new Woodturners starting out. They would often choose poor quality Lathes, Woodturning Tools, Sharpening Equipment & I offered advice on what to buy & what to avoid. My shorter sessions are perfect for those starting out and not too tiring at 3 Hours.


Students often find that my advice saves them far more money than what they pay me for one or two sessions. Showing students a safe way to turn and buying equipment so they last longer as Woodturners is very rewarding to me. Since late 2019 I have also opened my Workshop to visiting tourists by offering Woodturning Experiences. Check out my Woodturning Tuition or Woodturning Experiences pages if this craft interests you. There are Gift Vouchers available for nearly all options.

Why Sell Ribbon etc?

A Woodturner selling Craft Ribbon & More? Really, why? I spent ages searching for quality craft supplies to use for my smaller products to show them at their best. Supply issues from other vendors who had Backorder policies with a 7 plus Business Day until receipt pushed me to go my own way and become a reseller. Now that I have access to high quality stock I can offer other crafters & the general public the same stock with a much shorter delivery turnaround. I admit, it is a bit strange for a Woodturner to sell Ribbons, Organza Bags etc. but you have to go where the business takes you and in future I aim to keep expanding my range of products and become a major Craft Supplies provider in Ireland going forward. Order from me today and see for yourself!

Buy me a Coffee?

I have been running Google Ads on my website to bring in some extra income since last November but I am now in the process of removing those ads from my website as I felt they were becoming intrusive and affecting visitors browsing experiences. I have chosen to add the 'Buy me a Coffee?' Button instead. I need an option that can bring in small amounts to help supplement my business. Woodturning is not a millionaires game as I'm sure many people may know. I realise that most of my Blog Readers and site visitors may not be inclined to support, even if it is as small as a cup of coffee but it's still worth adding while gaining a more responsive website.

If you'd like to support an Artisan like myself, please buy me a coffee. No pressure.

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