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25mm Satin Ribbon Ireland for Wedding Favours, Craft, Gift Wrapping & more

High Quality Italian Options 25mm Satin ribbon for craft, gift wrapping, Wedding Favours and may other occasions.  I now have the full range of 25mm Satin Ribbon in multiples. Everything listed here is actually in stock in my store.  I don't dropship like some other retailers. Backorders in 4 Business Days if out of stock!

3cm Satin Bows    5cm Satin Bows    Christmas 5cm Bows 

Satin Ribbon 3mm x 50m    Satin Ribbon 6mm x 25m    Satin Ribbon 10mm x 25m    Satin Ribbon 16mm x 25m    

Satin Ribbon 25mm x 25m    Satin Ribbon 38mm x 25m    Satin Ribbon 50mm x 25m