Stuck for a Christmas present? How about buying Irish handcraft?

Why buy these Christmas Gift Boxes?

  • All Handcrafted from log to finished pieces

  • Made in Ireland from solid Irish Hardwood

  • Crafted with longevity in mind

  • Affordable considering the work involved

  • Ready Made Gift items, no need for any more wrapping

  • Wood is a welcome gift

  • Plenty of Functional pieces for continued use

  • Decorative use for all 

  • Some pieces come from places you may know

  • Supporting an Irish Artist at Christmas Time

Please note that I have disassembled all of the 2020 Christmas Gift Sets to be sold as individual pieces. I normally start making up boxes from October onwards. See images above for more examples. The listings below are just quick samples.

In 2021 I will be making new gift boxes during the year. I have spent a lot of time improving my production facilities so I will be able to make these gift boxes cheaper than listed here and cheaper than buying the products individually.