Stuck for a Christmas present? How about buying Irish handcraft?

Why buy these Christmas Gift Boxes?

  • All Handcrafted from log to finished pieces

  • Made in Ireland from solid Irish Hardwood

  • Crafted with longevity in mind

  • Affordable considering the work involved

  • Ready Made Gift items, no need for any more wrapping

  • Wood is always a welcome gift

  • Plenty of Functional pieces for continued use

  • Decorative use for all 

  • Some pieces come from places you may know

  • Supporting an Irish Artist at Christmas Time

New 2021 Gift Boxes are now being added daily. This will give people plenty of time before Christmas.

Gift boxes will be limited so grab them early. Custom Boxes can be made up for you.

I will be changing the gift boxes to be more universally functional; less hanging ornaments and more Ring Holders, Bottlestoppers, Bottle Openers, Ring Tab Puller etc.  See images above for more examples.