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Looking for something to do in Ireland?

Updated: Sep 16, 2023

I'll start this by saying that this post applies to tourists coming to Ireland on vacation/holiday and to our own 'staycationers' who are brave enough to stay in their own country for their holidays. Of course if you happen to be in or around Kerry on any particular normal day then this applies to you too.

Looking for something to do in Ireland?

Are you specifically looking for something to do in Ireland this year or even next year if are planning really far ahead? We've all been on holidays/vacation before and done the hotel thing, the beach thing and the sightseeing thing. The same old drudgery with the same predictable results. Long drives sightseeing, drinks in the hotel, Dinner and then bed, sound familiar? I should mention that it rains in Ireland from time to time and you might need some indoor entertainment to keep you occupied. Hotels are real boring places on rainy days. I've been there, I know!

Airbnb Experiences are what now?

With the introduction of Airbnb worldwide and also more recently Airbnb Experiences the landscape is changing and tourists are now discovering that they can do something unique while on holidays and far removed from the old status quo holiday activities. There are things to do in Ireland that even I in my life experience so far have never before considered. Search 'Airbnb Experiences Kerry' to see what I mean.

My Woodturning Experiences are perfect for those who wish to diverge from the road most travelled. I currently offer 3 Experiences to suit all budgets and give you a different flavour of what I do. I'll give a brief outline here below and you can go and check out the linked listings for more info if your interest is piqued. Do one of the Experiences in the morning and the day is still yours to do what you want.

David Condon Woodcraft Ornament Colouring
Ornament Making Experience

Woodturning Experiences

Option 1) The 'Try it Out Experience' The least expensive one, where you get to turn a cylinder by yourself with my supervision. Time 1.5 hrs approx.

Option 2) The 'Ornament Making Experience' This is where you get to sand, colour, seal, wax embellish and gloss a hanging ornament that I turn for you. Time 2 hrs approx.

Option 3) The previous 2 Experiences Combined. The best of both worlds which runs about 3 hours and is the most expensive version I offer. Time 3 hrs approx with a coffee break!

Turning a piece of wood between centres on a lathe
Woodturning between centres

So why would you do any Woodturning or Ornament Making? Why not, I ask you; what have you got to lose? It is something that you may never again do in your lifetime, so why not try it out at least once and in the Workshop of a professional Woodturner where you are bound to get an old insight or two. You're on holidays in Ireland, why not work with a piece of Irish Wood. A piece I might add that you get to take home with you boasting of your new found prowess on a Lathe.

Quite often I meet people who don't know what Woodturning is at all. I get some people that think pottery is a close description but I can assure you that the two disciplines are very different. Come to one of my Experiences and I will show you all the behind the scenes bits and pieces.

If your partner, husband, wife has an interest in Woodworking then this can be a special surprise during your vacation. I get many couples visiting where it is a complete surprise to the other person and they are amazed by all the machines and tools. The reactions to what they are there for can be quite funny to watch and the Experiences are always enjoyed.

I recently made a vertical video for Airbnb, YouTube Shorts & TikTok. Here is the pre-uploaded version but you can watch the YouTube version Ornament Making Experience Video here or the TikTok version of the Ornament Making Experience here


For those Tourists that have come to Ireland, your first break since Covid came on the scene; I can only apologize. Hotels and Car Hire companies are actively price gouging and that is having a detrimental effect on all Irish businesses. A small few are doing this with wide far reaching consequences.

Hotels have made accommodation extremely difficult again in 2022 by charging ridiculous rates for rooms and that will only come back to bite them and unfortunately the rest of us small business owners next year!

The West of Ireland is a great place where you will find many great deals if you shop around a bit. Dublin is very expensive city and you pay a premium on everything so head west or even better still; head south west and end up in Kerry where you will be treated like royalty in the Kingdom!

See you soon!


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