Chestnut Products Cut N Polish is an easy to use finely abrasive wax for dust free sanding.


The fine abrasive in Cut N Polish is held in suspension in a carefully blended soft wax.  This not only acts as a lubricant, making the sanding process easier and preventing the wood from being scratched, it also collects any dust generated in the process so that it falls away rather than circulate into the workspace.  Ideal when used on the lathe and allows for a longer working time.

Can be used on bare or sealed wood. If used on sealed wood ensure the sealer is thoroughly dry before using the Cut N Polish.

225ml tins.


Chestnut Products Cut N Polish Usage Directions:

Sand back as normal to your preferred grit ( 240 grit recommended ). Apply a small amount using a Safety Cloth whilst the lathe is stationary. Leave for about sixty seconds then start the lathe and using the same piece of cloth apply gentle pressure to allow the abrasive to work. Continue until a gloss is achieved, then apply WoodWax 22 or Microcrystalline Wax as normal for a deeper shine.

Cut n' Polish Wax

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