Serve up salads, fruit, nuts, popcorn etc. with style or just have an amazing large handcrafted Ash bowl centrepiece adorn your table.   This bowl contains some beautiful heartwood dark colouring over 1/3rd of the bowl and the rest of the surface area is in contrast.  It is one of the nicest bowls I have ever turned.


The bowl comes from Glencar Co. Kerry. The tree it came from was on a road above a house and was taken down because it was ready to fall and destroy one side of the house. Luckily I arrived on the scene and managed to get a vanload.


Finish sanded to a highly smooth touch.  For food convenience, it is coated with Hampshire Sheen Food-Safe Danish Oil and burnished to a low lustre shine using very fine wool. See After Care page for details.


Because of the durable finish, this bowl can also just be used for display long term. Please note that washing the bowl will change or diminish the shine on the surface.


Dimensions 400mm x 120mm or 15 7/8 x 4 3/4 inches approx


Unboxed weight 1585 grams


Please Note: You can save on the shipping costs by arranging to collect the bowl or have a designated person pick it up for you.  Just pay for the item and select Pick Up option for free.

Large Food-Safe bowl in Glencar Ash

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    Tralee, Co. Kerry, Ireland